Scenic 7 PR Mission Goals

Scenic 7 PR (S7PR) started on April 1st, 2009 in a small town in Arkansas. The name “Scenic 7” is taken from geographical cues from that area. Highway 7 runs North/South from Louisiana through Arkansas into Missouri. PR stands for “public relations” occasionally, due to workload, it has been thought of as “press releases”.

Carl Williams decided to start Scenic 7 PR after a short stint in covering video games for various websites. Interest in helping others, and a love of writing, spurred him to investigate combining the two. Taking on some additional work after a day job at a lumber yard, Carl quickly learned how to write press releases.

Officially S7PR started with a trip to the local Dollar Tree after Carl’s day job in early 2009. The purchase of a pad of paper and a pack of pens and the acceptance of a challenge from within started this adventure. Early on work was handled during lunch at Carl’s day job and typed into a computer at the local library before travelling home. Research, cold e-mails, contact with potential clients, etc was also handled during this lunch break. This went on for several weeks until the workload increased to the point that a lunch break was not enough time to complete everything.

Time is precious and time with loved ones is even more precious.

Scenic 7 PR was simply a one-man company for many years until 2012 or so. That is when growth was exponential. By 2014 S7PR employed nearly 20 freelancers in 12 different countries across the globe. Content was being created for clients in over 50 countries – over 25% of the total in the world.

Everything is cyclical, content creation is not immune either. As the world changed freelancers were in unique positions depending on their living conditions. Recognizing these changes Carl decided to offer all freelancers abroad an opportunity.

This led to helping many of those freelancers accepted the challenge of transition into owning their own PR company. Some still flourish today and have been valuable media partners. This includes referring clients to each other, assisting in content distribution at a closer level, and more.

Scenic 7 PR represents many media content creation opportunities. Please see our “Services” page for more information.

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